We Develop Websites for Small Businesses.

Responsive Website Design

Developing a new website can cost a small business several thousands of dollars. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to?

Chances are, you simply want a place to direct your customers. You want a website that will generate leads and have the ability to tell the world what you have to offer. That doesn't have to be a $10k project. Klimb Creative can build you an absolutely amazing, mobile friendly website that will be affordable and not make your budget cringe.

The Platforms:

Platforms like SquareSpace and Weebly are ideal for small businesses looking for a website that will get the job done and not be a headache to update on a regular basis. Both platforms have responsive designs and are mobile friendly. In addition, both platforms have a built in blog feature, can be SEO optimized, and have unlimited storage. We’ve developed websites on both SquareSpace and Weebly and have been pleased with the experience of both.

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The Process:

It is our standard that our clients will have 100% access to their website at all times. It is your website after all! You will be set up as an administrator to your website and have all the rights. We will develop a demo website for you so you can see it being built every step of the way. We will build the backend structure, design, color scheme and content into your website.

Website Development for Small Businesses

Website Transfer

Your website content may be perfectly fine just the way it is, but your website may not be responsive. This is where a website transfer comes into play. We will transfer your website content, logo, links, color scheme and images to a responsive website platform (SquareSpace, Weebly or the like).

Website Development for Small Businesses

New Website Build

Haven't updated your website in a few years? A brand new build may be the best option. Sometimes starting from scratch can be refreshing! Let's give your website a facelift, one that includes new content, new images and a new look! Your new website will be built on a responsive website platform, one that is easy to update, easy to navigate and delivers a clean cut design that's made to impress.

Let's Take a Closer Look at Your Website.