Promoting Your Small Business

Your company is great. It's one of a kind and you want the world to know about it. Creating your story, training your staff on your story and having your story streamlined across all forms of marketing an essential first step.

We will help build your story, train your staff and make sure your story is portrayed the same on your website as it is on your social networks and marketing handout. Consistency is key. 

Content Marketing for SMBs

What Does Your Website Say About You?

Content Development for Small Businesses


We will develop the content and broadcast it to local press contacts, writers and bloggers, as well as on your social networks and to your customers.

Content Development for Small Businesses


Customer stories are powerful tools. They not only give a real life story of how your company has helped others, but it gives you the opportunity to showcase the depth and variety in your products and services. We will create the case study and testimonial content from start to finish, work your customers in developing the content and establish a final piece ready for production.

Content Development for Small Businesses


We will develop a template for your brochures and white papers, and the content for each piece. It is important for each brochure and each white paper to have a goal, a purpose and a defined target market. Who are you are talking to? Is this piece part of the sales proposal? Is this a download on your website?

Content Development for Small Businesses


You may not need a new website, but you may need to refresh your content. We will go through your current website content, freshen up the content and also build in some keywords! For more information on my website development services, click here.

Content Development for Small Businesses


So you need a LinkedIn profile, huh? For some of us, talking about ourselves and our achievements can be uncomfortable, because in the back of our minds we're thinking "no one really cares about this stuff". But they do. And believe it or not, there are important parts of a profile you don't want to leave out.

We will help develop the content for your, and your staff's, LinkedIn* profiles. We will also coordinate for professional photos to be taken of your staff, should you want them.

*LinkedIn is just one of many social networks that we can help develop profiles and bios.

Let's Talk About Your Content!