Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Tool

Why You Should Include Landing Pages on Your Website.

When I hear that a small business owner wants their website to generate leads, I immediately want to break out in a happy dance. Why? Because it means that they get it. It means that they understand that their website can be more than an online brochure. It means that they understand that their website has the potential to drive new business.   

Landing pages have been around for years. And when structured correctly, they can be profoundly lucrative. Landing pages allow you to hone in on a specific product or service, and capture the visitors that are interested in your offer. By requesting some simple contact information, you turn a standard visitor into a lead. This then triggers the sales process.   

Why Landing Pages Work  

It's a non-intrusive way to gather leads.   

Landing pages allow you to open the doors and showcase what you have to offer. You are able to show value to your visitors. If your visitors are interested in learning more or downloaded a whitepaper, then they can fill out a form and receive something in return. This is a voluntary action that they take. You aren't forcing them to fill out the form. THEY are requesting for YOU to contact them!  

It helps support your sales team.  

Sales professionals play a vital role in your business. Through networking and building relationships with your customers, they drive more business. However, they always want more leads - and your website can help deliver that week-after-week. They will be thrilled to know that they are being supported and that their pipelines are being filled.  

It provides a place for you to promote your offers.  

Let's be honest. Your contact page isn't cutting it. It's too generic and doesn't offer anything specific (other than your contact information). A landing page allows you to focus on one specific offer. But what if you have five offers? Well, then you have five separate landing pages, each serving a specific purpose.  

It Boils Down to Why and How:  

  • Why should we turn your website into a lead generation tool?  
  • How can we turn your website into a lead generation tool?   

Understanding the purpose and the goal of your website is one thing. When we take your website to the next level and add landing pages into the mix, we want to make sure those landing pages have a purpose as well. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to have a clear understanding of why we want to turn your website into a lead generation tool.  

Why do you want to turn your website into a lead generation tool?  

Your answer should have more meat on the bones than "I want more sales". We all do. We all want more sales, more business and more customers. But why use your website to meet this goal of getting more sales?    

I'd encourage you to first identify your audience, where they spend their time, where they do their research, and where they are in the buying process. For some businesses, capturing leads the old fashion way (Radio and TV) is still very effective. For other businesses, investing in radio advertising would be a complete waste of their marketing budget. Knowing where your audience spends their time, will help determine if your website is the best platform to turn into a lead generation tool for your business. 

Landing Pages for Websites

So for example, to answer the question: why do you want to turn your website into a lead generation tool?, a possible answer could be:  

...Because the majority of my target market is doing their research online and I want to meet my target market where they are at. 

How can we turn your website into a lead generation tool?  

As I'm sure you've gathered, turning a website into a lead generation tool takes much thought, planning and strategy. Landing pages can play a fundamental role in capturing potential leads, but we need to think through the "how". A few questions I'd ask you:   

  • How are you going to attract visitors to your website? (I.e. social media, Adwords, eNewsletters, etc.) In other words, how are your landing pages going to be found? How are you going to direct potential customers to your landing pages?
  • How will the leads be followed up with by the sales team? Don't let there be a breakdown in processes after investing your time and energy into developing noteworthy landing pages! When a lead comes in from your website, how will your sales team follow up with that lead? How do you plan to turn the lead into a lifelong customer?
  • How does the offer keep the visitor engaged with your business? Creating offers that keep your visitors wanting more will encourage them to keep coming back to your website – thus building a stronger relationship with your visitors. How will you show value to your visitors?    

You might be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work – that these questions are overboard. And it might be.  But the truth is, I can't snap my fingers and make your website start generating leads the next day without some thought and planning. So let's develop a strategy for your website, create a couple landing pages and put together a plan to promote your website.   

Want Your Website to be a Lead Generation Tool?