The Power of Video: Part 2

Ways to Use Video for Marketing

Ways to use video for marketing

Video marketing can be an incredibly powerful way to promote your business. You can capture the hearts of many, make people laugh, cry and even teach people a new skill. Videos can also start a movement, or create a trend. Here are some of the ways that video can be used for your business:

Video for Promotional Purposes

The reason I had a video produced for Klimb Creative was so that I could show the personality behind my business and put a face to the name. I wanted to verbally explain my business and a video allowed me to do just that. Several businesses are using video for this purpose - to promote themselves, their services and their business value.

Video can also be a dynamic way to showcase your company culture. I have seen several businesses use video as a recruiting tool. It allows potential applicants to see the kind of business they are applying for and what it's like to work there. I have also seen several businesses do "A Day in the Life" video which features an employee going about their every day work day. Video can make even the simplest things be fascinating! 

Video for Case Studies

Another great way to promote your business is through case studies. People love to hear about customers who have had a great experience with a business. Most businesses create case studies and have them as a downloadable PDF on their website - which I highly recommend doing. But a case study produced in a video can speak volumes. 

Video for Product Demonstrations

I love video marketing for so many reasons. Businesses can us video to promote their business, but can also enhance their products/services by using video for reviews or instructions. One business that I think uses video perfectly is Revzilla. In 2015, I bought my first motorcycle jacket, so naturally my husband had me look at Revzilla. Their product videos were incredibly helpful and allowed me to see how the jackets fit, the style, and the see all the bells and whistles. In their videos, they talked about the pros and cons, which helped me make and informed decision.

Did Revzilla talk about their business 100% of the time? Not at all. But it helped position them as the expert. All that to say, you don't have to only use video to promote your business. You can be creative and use video as a way to promote your expertise and make people fall in love with your business. 


Video for Teaching

You can also use video to teach someone something new. I can't tell you how many times I searched for how to do something and selected a video over a text step-by-step guide. For me, I would rather watch a video and see what I am supposed to do vs. try and figure it out by reading a guide.

There are great tools available, like Snagit, for capturing a screenshot of your every move on a desktop. This is great for businesses who have software, or software experts, and want to create short How To videos. By using video for this purpose, you are creating value and showcasing your expertise. Chances are your videos will be viewed time and time again, and even shared, by a single user!

Ready to Make Video Part of Your Marketing Strategy?