The main reason you don't have time for social media and marketing your business.

The main reason you don't have time for social media and marketing your business.

I get it. As a business owner, social media, blogging and marketing your business often get put on the back burner. I hear it over and over, like a broken record "I don't have time for this". And to be honest, I struggle with it myself. Managing our time as business owners can be incredibly difficult. There are days where we have to pick and choose what gets done based on importance and deadlines. There are also days where our once planned out day, gets thrown a giant curve ball, sending it into a frenzy.  

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I get it.  

When I say I get it, I really get it. This summer Klimb Creative has been blessed with some amazing opportunities to work with small businesses. Working together as a team with other creative business owners has opened the doors to new client work opportunities. However, I've had to eat my own words. I've neglected my blog, ignored my LinkedIn page and been absent to too many networking events.  

The main reason you don't have time for social media and marketing your business is because you aren't dedicating the time. 

I tell my clients that marketing your business so important to building top of mind awareness (TOMA) and building your brand. To do this, you must dedicate time each week to social media, blogging and networking. You have to make it a priority. This is where I have to eat my own words.  

The Result of Ignoring LinkedIn.

In late June, Klimb Creative was really busy. There was more work than I knew what to do with – and it was great! However, I didn't follow my LinkedIn homework for weeks. At one point my LinkedIn profile views were down 25% because I wasn't active. I wasn't connecting with others. I wasn't commenting and 'liking' other posts. I wasn't updating my profile. I wasn't even making regular posts on my own page. I was entirely ignoring my LinkedIn page and other social media pages. Over the course of a week, I had only made 3 actions on my LinkedIn page. As a result, my profile views were down. 

However, as client projects started to wrap up mid-July, I had more "free time" to dedicate to my LinkedIn page. I connected with more people, made a few updates to my profile and interacted with other posts. Over the course of a week, I made 10 actions – of which took me less than 20 minutes a week. The stats reflected it too. My profile views were up – nearly tripled compared to my sad week in June.  

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Start Dedicating Time to Marketing Your Business.

We are all busy running our business, working with clients and improving our business processes. But if we don't dedicate time each week to working ON our business, then our TOMA will weaken, our search rankings will decrease and we risk people forgetting about us.  

One way that you can help hold yourself accountable and truly dedicate time, is by blocking it off on your calendar. By scheduling time on your calendar, you are treating your business like you would a client meeting. 

  • Every Monday, put together a list of action items. It could be as simple as updating your LinkedIn profile picture, or scheduling a few posts on Facebook. 
  • Determine how many days a week you want to dedicate time to doing this. It could be M-W-F, or every day of the week.
  • Then, block off 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour to tackle your social media or marketing to-do list. 
  • Then, hold yourself to spending that dedicated time to growing your business and being active on social media, your blog and your other marketing efforts.

I've blocked the time off on my calendar, ever single day. Some days it's 2 hours, others its 10 minutes. I've made a commitment to be mindful of Klimb Creative's presence. I will blog on a regular basis. I will be active on my social profiles and you best believe I will be at at least one networking event a month! 

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