Stop Shooting from the Hip

Stop Shooting from the Hip

Want to know why your marketing efforts aren't working? It might be because you don't have a strategy in place. When you shoot from the hip, you are bound to have inconsistencies and low results. Your decisions also become very reactionary.

Here are three areas where you shouldn't shoot from the hip:

Don't shoot from the hip in your social media responses.

Facebook Review Notification - Build a Social Media Response Plan

Whether you are a big enterprise, or a small business - have a response plan in place. What is a social media response plan? It's basically a road map for you to follow when you receive customer reviews, blog comments or social media responses. Your social media response plan will also be essential throughout the many seasons your business will go through. It will help guide you through the ups and downs of your online communications.

We all know that sinking feeling when someone writes a review on our Facebook page. We get the notification "Jane Doe wrote a review on your Facebook page". We're just praying that it's not a bad review. THAT exact moment is why you have a social media response plan. You will know when and how to respond. 

So when you get a raving review from a customer who absolutely loves your products or services, you will know how to respond (yes, you should respond to even the good reviews!). And when you get a customer who is screaming mad at your business, you will have a response in place for that too. It will save you unnecessary grief!

Don't shoot from the hip when it comes to your advertising campaigns.

Create an Advertising Strategy

Advertising can cost your business big bucks, so it's important to be very purposeful with your campaign. Know who you target market is and where you can reach them. Advertising campaigns are most effective when you have a goal in place, and realistic expectations are set. Don't just sign up for a radio campaign or a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign because it sounds good. Or worse yet, agree to it simply because the ad agency is running a "once in a lifetime offer".

Another hard part of running an advertising campaigns is being patient. Most campaigns take a good three months or so before you can start seeing true results. Advertising campaigns also take finessing and A/B testing. Another word of advice: don't run the campaign for two months and cancel it because it "didn't work". It takes time. 

Don't shoot from the hip when it comes to your website.

You should have a goal and purpose for you website - even if it's sole purpose is to be an online brochure. Too many people do their research online for you not to have a beautiful website with fresh content about your business.

Your website should be part of your marketing strategy. It should be part of the bigger picture. Define it's purpose and how it contributes to your business as a whole. Content is king so make sure you have accurate content on your website, especially on your About Us and Contact Us pages.

Your website is also a representation of your business. What does your website say about you? Does it represent the level of professionalism you strive to portray? Is it up to date and mobile friendly? If not, you may be in need for a website refresh.

Take your marketing seriously.

You wouldn't shoot from the hip when deciding whether or not to add a new line of services or launch a new product. So you shouldn't shoot from the hip when it comes to your marketing. If it's time to take a hard look at your marketing strategy, let's schedule a meeting.