How You Know You Need A Marketing Manager

How You Know You Need a Marketing Manager

When was the last time you found yourself up until 1 am scrolling through a competitor's website desperately trying to formulate how their marketing is so consistent?

Here is the truth: successful marketing is hard. As much as we try to “wear all the hats” and have our hands on every project, it’s just not realistic. If this sounds like you, it is time to ask for help, especially when it comes to the most important element of your brand.

You’re doing such a good job running the show, but you know you need a marketing manager when…

You spend a generous amount of time trying to navigate the world of marketing on your own

Creating your own content and keeping up with current trends can be a task all of its own! Today, marketing relies on far more than a simple promotion or a brand identity campaign. Blogging, customer engagement, posting on social media and creating eye-catching graphics have all become important components of the marketing platform. Not to mention the mundane task of collecting and interpreting analytics. Most importantly interacting with your audience and potential customers through social channels has become crucial, but also takes time away from other needs of your business!

You are steering clear and hiding from marketing altogether

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you are guilty of glancing up and seeing those few sticky notes on your desk that are not legible because of the amount of dust collected on the top of them. In many cases, marketing is one of those sticky notes. Social media is one of those sticky notes. And undoubtedly, your website is one of those sticky notes.

The daunting task of generating marketing tactics is overwhelming and easier avoided than confronted. Oftentimes, the real obstacle is: how do I even begin? It is overwhelming to plan a campaign with consistent methods and elements that target a specific audience. Prior to even beginning your marketing strife, research has to be conducted to guarantee the marketing plan is most efficient for your business. And yes, all of this takes time!

It’s not your area of expertise, but you find yourself doing it anyway


If you are a pro at taking on too many responsibilities, we can relate. There are many times where completing a task ourselves seems easier than delegating it out to another individual. Many business owners think that since this is the business they own that they know best. We get it. It’s hard to part with tasks! With this considered, it becomes easier to push aside other important facets of business that also need maintenance and upkeep (like marketing.)

Don’t get caught up in your endless agenda! A marketing manager is equipped with the tools to get the job done and check items off your list! Remember that the more you take on yourself, the longer the laundry list becomes.

Marketing is hard and just isn’t working out (“it’s me, marketing, not you.”)

Do you ever find yourself wanting to break up with marketing altogether? Maybe you’ve been doing the same old campaigns for years, and what used to work just isn’t cutting it anymore. Or maybe you’ve tried running a digital ad campaign or paid social media campaign and the results left you questioning where it all went wrong. Finding your sweet spot can take time and a good amount of A/B testing. This is something your marketing manager could do, instead of you trying to figure it out! It’s also possible that you just need a new perspective and a second opinion. Marketing managers are good for that!

You get distracted by competitors or compare your marketing to Pinterest inspiration

Comparing your business to other businesses is made easy by social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest. How often do we find ourselves getting sucked in by a Pinterest-raid of well-designed logos, Facebook posts, Instagram feeds, and blog content? It is almost impossible to avoid comparing our brand to our competitors.

Although resources like Feedly and Dribble can be incredibly useful in brainstorming and stimulating ideas, it is important to remain authentic.

Lindsey Saletta of The Ever Girl Blog writes that:

“the shift towards authenticity applies to major companies and the way they are targeting customers today, but it also applies to small businesses.”

In the marketing process, it is beneficial to consider what your brand stands for and what image you are aiming to portray to your clients. Don’t immediately change directions with your marketing strategy because you saw your competitor do something new and flashy. Talk with your marketing manager to see how your business can implement a similar campaign. Take time to work it into your existing strategy! This authenticity allows you to display the values of the brand while also reaching the attention of the target audience. This fine-tuned recipe of credibility, purpose, and efficiency can be a lot to digest!

Whether you are tackling the marketing challenge on your own, getting distracted by other marketing platforms or just playing hide-and-seek from marketing altogether; you are probably in need of a marketing manager to come to the rescue! Don’t let the stress of the marketing world burden you and make a mess.

Want a second opinion on your marketing efforts?