How To Avoid The Social Media Time Suck

How To Avoid The Social Media Time Suck

It is no mystery that social media, if used correctly, is a very beneficial tool for companies. Emily Coop, a contributor for Hootsuite states that “there are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts.” Social media can accomplish many objectives from enhancing your business’s promotion to customer engagement. In addition to creating a consistent brand identity and awareness, utilizing social media can also save a lot of time and money when it comes to marketing. Having the ability to produce and control social content allows your business to effectively target new customers while becoming more familiar with existing audiences.

Although social media is paramount in today’s world, have you ever jumped on Facebook to look something up, then 20 minutes go by and you are watching cat videos? How do you make sure you are using social media as a productive tool? Furthermore, how do you keep track of your employees and sales team using social media as a networking tool versus a reason to pass the time?

Social media can easily become a time suck! Here are the best ways to combat the interruptions and distractions!

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Set aside dedicated time frames for you and your team throughout the day to check in on social networks for networking purposes.

Instead of trying to simultaneously get projects accomplished and staying in the loop with social updates, set aside small sanctions of time throughout the workday that allow flexibility for scrolling through a newsfeed or checking out Instagram stories. Not only is it valuable to stay up-to-date on what is happening on social platforms, but it also allows your team to get a little mind break from the residual tasks of the day. A great resource for tracking time spent away from business is Toggl!

Put your blinders on! Be mindful of why you are hopping on and engaging in a social network. Get in and get out!

Oftentimes we will log onto a social platform with a specific reason. Unfortunately, it is so easy to stray from that motive within seconds of seeing a fun recipe or an update from your longtime childhood, best friend. It can be helpful to consciously remind yourself prior to logging on what your purpose is and what needs to be accomplished.

Get focused and finish out the project!

It can be incredibly difficult not to get sidelined or distracted by social media especially when you are working on a project that is not particularly entrancing. I know for myself, I end up getting preoccupied especially when I write. A great way to resist the urge of procrastination is with a Focus Writer. This application eliminates diversions from the internet with features like an integrated alarm clock and goal tracker

Turn your Facebook chat off during the work hours.

You will still get notifications when someone messages you, but it won’t be as tempting to chat with your aunt or best friend from home! This seems like such a simple and obvious tip, but it can really do wonders! Facebook messenger is a wonderful tool to be instantly connected and keep in touch with loved ones, however, it can definitely serve as a distraction! By simply turning off chat, you won’t have to be worried about the messages pouring in while you are in the office.

And trust us, your grandma will still be just as excited to talk to you after 5 p.m.!

Turn off notifications on your mobile device for social networks you don’t use for business.

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the prior suggestion! There are always those days that come now and then where every social channel just seems to flood into our smartphones. This can be overwhelming, but can be easily controlled by simply turning off your social notifications. Understandably, there are times when we need to have access to notifications for managing social channels, like LinkedIn or Skype, that regard business---probably a good idea to keep those notifiers on!

Despite the fact that social media can be a vital component to a business’s marketing platform and highly entertaining, it can also be a time squanderer. Fight the urge to get sucked in by cute baby videos, inspirational quote photos and your competitor’s newest product reveal! By taking measures such as turning off notifications, messengers, using time trackers and being intentional with your time, you can surely combat the appeal of your favorite social channel!

Need help creating a social media content strategy for your business (minus the inevitable time wasting)? We are here to help!

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