A Look Back and A Glimpse Ahead

What A Year!

Klimb Creative Lansing, Michigan

Turning one is a big deal. Last year, Klimb Creative celebrated not only a first birthday but a very successful inaugural year! For many small businesses, year two marks a big milestone. Rumor has it, that if a business can make it past the challenging, first two years, then they can make it through anything. With that said, here’s to Klimb Creative’s successful first year; halfway through the benchmark!

Through Klimb Creative, I was given the opportunity to work with several small businesses in 2016 who were looking to fine tune their marketing strategy and improve their brand image. I worked with a marina, an IT company, an insurance company, a hearing clinic, a law firm, and several consultants. 2016 was incredible!

Onto Another...

While I love providing marketing consulting and services to small business owners, the greatest joy is learning more about some local Lansing businesses! It is encouraging to hear about their stories, how they started, the obstacles they have overcome and how they look to grow their business in the future. It is inspiring!

In addition to these adventures that 2016 brought, I also met some fantastic business owners with similar missions as Klimb Creative. Better yet, Klimb Creative was given the opportunity to work in collaboration with two of these creative businesses on a few projects. With the help from my friends at Cold Box Films and Rough Draft Solutions, Klimb Creative is able to further incorporate digital and written content. These collaborations expand Klimb Creative’s horizons and opportunities in the current media-driven culture. Together, the three businesses have formed marketing packages geared for the small businesses looking to grow. We are currently putting the finishing touches on these packages, so stayed tuned! I can’t wait to tell you more about this exciting new service.

New Friends Join The Team

 Meet Abby Cook

Meet Abby Cook

Klimb Creative also gained an intern! I am excited for you to meet Abby Cook. Abby is a fabulous addition to Klimb Creative and is assisting in creating content and social media strategy. She brings new ideas to the table and is a joy to have onboard!

Abby is a current junior at Northern Michigan University, studying public relations and graphic design. When Abby isn’t out on a trail run or eating pasties, she is kicking around on the pitch, where she is captain of the NMU Women’s soccer team.

In the classroom, Abby loves getting her hands on anything to do with design. She is a big advocate of writing stuff down and is never caught without her trusty Field Notes.

This girl is an early bird and is always waking up nice and early to get lots accomplished….and to chow down on a big bowl of oatmeal, her favorite. After graduation, Abby would love to move to a city to study User Experience and find a gig in User Experience. She is a big fan (and introverted critic) of typography and an avid binge watcher of New Girl. If you’re ever searching for Abby, you’ll probably find her in a small coffee shop sipping on a cup of joe. When she is town, this is where she and I will usually meet up to review projects.

Abby’s motto is, “Go into the world and do well. But, more importantly, go into the world and do good.” Keep up with Abby on LinkedIn or Instagram.

It has only been two months into 2017, and I am already excited for what is to come. I am looking forward to the businesses I’ll have the opportunity to work with and the people I will meet.

May 2017 be a year of great health and opportunity for you and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the what is to come for the future of Klimb Creative.

If we have yet to meet, I would love the opportunity to chat with you over coffee!

Contact me to schedule a meet-n-greet.