4 Ways To Use Livestream Video In Your Business

4 Ways To Use Livestream Video In Your Business

"Mobile is no longer about what you can do on your cell phone. Mobile is all about doing more, all of the time." – Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image

It is incredible how social media and mobile technology are constantly evolving. It seems as though every few minutes, apps update and social channels alter and transform. As Mr. Joel said, it is “all about doing more, all of the time.”

Less than a year ago, Facebook came up with an addition to their already innovative social platform, Facebook Live. The implementation of live streaming by the network, used by over 1.8 billion users, changed the way that individuals, businesses and organizations interacted with their audiences.

The live stream feature quickly opened doors to a broadened accessibility to users and also enhanced marketing through a simple, easy platform that people were already using. Suddenly, live content became more valuable than other traditional posts. Users perceive live video content as more valuable because of the desire to have the most updated information when it is most relevant. Quite frankly, people like to be “in the know” and feel queued in!

Because livestreaming videos have been so explosive in the media world, we figured it would be important to keep YOU “in the know,” with these tips on how to use livestream video in your business! And as a side note, using the excuse that you feel awkward on camera is no excuse to not hop on board.

Event Highlights


Livestreaming during a special occasion or event that involves your business can be worthwhile to your audience. Even if it’s a live stream of you at a networking event. Everyone likes to be included, so why not bring the party to them! When recording live at events, be sure to be well prepared for the unexpected. Oh, the beauty of live footage! This isn’t a bad thing though. We crave raw, authentic content, and livestreaming delivers that. Somehow it makes us feel better connected. So if you goof up or stumble on your words, don’t sweat it. We are cheering you on!

Product/Service Highlights

Promoting specific products or services in a live setting can bring customers on board and create a unique outlook on what your business has to offer. A great way to grow anticipation is to announce that your company will be going “live” to unveil a new product or service. Post this “save the date” on Facebook, Instagram and your other social channels. You can even send out an email blast the morning of the live stream to encourage people to tune in. This tactic can be as simple as individualizing a product and giving a further description of what it has to offer to an audience. Add some personality and excitement to your video - people crave that!

Webinar Style Information To Customers

Webinars made easy! Engaging with customers on a different level through livestreaming allows your business to become more relatable and approachable. Credibility can be gained through providing an audience with information and knowledge that they find helpful and useful. Webinars are a great way to increase involvement with potential customers and contribute to your company’s reputation. In addition to providing helpful information, webinars are also able to disseminate a message better than a traditional, lengthy post. Many also prefer learning in a visual setting.

Real Time News-Get It Out Fast

As mentioned earlier, the excitement of a lifestream video is captivating and irresistible for those who desire to stay up-to-date. Pushing out news and announcements quickly keeps people on their toes. This may be our favorite and most recommended way to use livestreaming. Have you noticed that many news anchors are even using livestreaming for this very reason? A couple tips to real time news output is to broadcast for an appropriate amount of time. Facebook and Instagram will often notify users when a live video is beginning, but it is important to make the stream last long enough for everyone to tune in. Give viewers a few minutes to tune in. Ideally, it would be great to have your livestream last between 15-30 minutes, but don’t over think it either. Encouraging viewers to like and share the livestream can also be beneficial for growing your audience.

BONUS! Recommended Equipment For Going Live

We checked in with our friends over at Cold Box Films, our go-to videographer, for recommendations on how to sound good while livestreaming. So with that, we asked what kind of equipment we should have and it comes down to this:

Have a good mic. While going live should be somewhat spontaneous and raw, we still want your voice to be heard. A good mic can make all the difference. Cold Box Films recommends two mics that you can order right from Amazon:

Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones:

Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones (The shotgun mic):

Use a tripod. Sometimes holding the phone at yourself works great for livestreaming. Other times, like when you want to do webinar style livestream, using a tripod is more ideal. Cold Box Films recommends to tripods - of which are at two price points (but you pay for what you get so we, and Cold Box Films, prefers the second option).

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand- Flexible Universal Smartphone Stand for Small Smartphones. VIEW ON AMAZON

Joby GripTight PRO GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones VIEW ON AMAZON

Another option is a standing tripod for those who do not prefer a table top:
AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag VIEW ON AMAZON


Since its launch, live streaming video Facebook Live videos see 3X the engagement of traditional videos shared on the platforms, and millions of users live stream on Facebook around the world.

The way companies interact with consumers is constantly evolving. As technology continues onward, it is important to maintain authentic relationships with your audience. Livestreaming, on Facebook or other social platforms, is a far-reaching resource for your business. “Since its launch, live streaming video Facebook Live videos see 3X the engagement of traditional videos shared on the platforms, and millions of users live stream on Facebook around the world.” From featuring events and highlight products and services, to hosting webinars and providing real time news, live streaming can transform your digital strategy and presence.

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