My Business Ran Fine Before Social Media: Part 2 What's the Plan?

My Business Ran Fine Before Social Media: Part 2 What's the Plan?

In part 1 of My Business Ran Fine Before Social MediaI talked about the importance of defining your goals with social media. Once you've defined your intent and purpose, you need to have a plan. 


  • Who is your dedicated social media guru?
  • How many days a week and which days are best to post?
  • What time of day is best to post?
  • How does social media fit into my other marketing efforts?
  • Where will you get your content (pictures, text, video, etc)?

The beautiful thing about social media for small businesses, is that you have the ability showcase your personality and culture. You are able to share exciting news about your small business with your customers, and future customers, in real time. Sharing news in real time is just that though, and we all can admit that some days are more exciting than others. It's not every day that Jan get's a promotion or you launch a new product. So on the days that are less than thrilling at the office - you should still be posting information on your social networks. 


Keeping your campaigns organized is essential! Create a calendar and jot down which days you will post and what type of content you will use (i.e. video, pictures, text, shared posts, etc). Use content that is appealing to your audience. Spice up your schedule by rotating the content. No one likes to read content that is 100% promotional material.


Scheduling social media posts in advance can help you get ahead. Yes, you can schedule your social media posts to automatically post, but I referring to something different. Dedicate time each week to checking in on your social networks. Spend time responding to other social media users, fans, or people you follow. Spend time reading and listening to the conversations. It's important to block off time on your calendar. Otherwise, monitoring your social networks will get pushed on the back-burner or forgotten. 

In addition, when you attend or host an event, have a person dedicated for posting live updates to your social networks. Social media is perfect for promoting your events! People love live updates and newsfeed! 


Social Media for Small Businesses in Lansing

Finding your sweet spot will be forever changing. Each day, each week, is going to be different. Some weeks Thursdays at 10:30am are the prime time for maximum reach with your posts. Other weeks, Sundays at 7:05pm are the best time. It's important to be monitoring your analytics regularly. It's also important to test out different methods and strategies based on your campaigns. It may sound cumbersome, but it's no different then running any other marketing and communications campaign. You have to pay attention to the details.


Social networking works best when it's tied together with your other marketing efforts, such as your blog, events, website and sales process. I've found that simply posting to one social network is not nearly as effective as when those posts are supported by other marketing efforts. Each platform (social networks, blogs, etc) is made to compliment one another, and work together. For example, I could write a short Facebook post with a picture. It works. It achieves the goal of posting something to my Facebook page.

However, if I write a blog post on my website, I can then get two or three Facebook posts (with links and pictures) out of that single blog post. By doing this, I am creating one piece of content and stretching it out. I am also sharing original content that is on my website and blog. I am inviting my audience to visit my website. And with that, I am using my content, and my time, effectively.

Need help tying it all together? I'd be delighted to sit down with you to discuss your social media plan! Give me a call or fill out the form below!