Launching Klimb: Part 2

Launching Klimb: Part 2

The last few months I made it a goal to build new relationships, meet new businesses and attend Lansing networking events. Without a doubt, I've been asked how I came up with the name Klimb Creative, and "why start your own business?". Today I'm going to tackle the "why".


Opportunity is what made me want to start my own business. Opportunity for my potential clients and opportunity for myself. Deciding to take the leap didn't come without serious consideration. I knew that owning a business would come with ups and downs, but when it was all said and done, the pros outweighed the cons.

  • The opportunity to create something of my own and continue doing what I love to do.
  • The opportunity to work with small business owners.
  • The opportunity to meet the marketing needs of a niche market.
  • The opportunity to make an impact on our community and Lansing businesses.
  • The opportunity to be my own boss.
  • The opportunity to say yes without consulting with the higher-ups.

And lets be honest, the flexible hours were also incredibly enticing! All jokes aside, I saw a great need for small businesses who wanted to work with the big marketing agencies, but simply couldn't afford it. I saw a need for small businesses who wanted to hire a marketing coordinator, but it wasn't in the budget. I saw a need for small businesses wanting to update their website, but $10k with a web agency would literally break their bank. 

As I met with more and more Lansing small businesses, I learned there was a niche market for small businesses eager to invest in marketing. I heard it in the voice. They were excited, but in the back of their minds were dollar signs. All they wanted was an opportunity to work with a marketing professional without dishing out several thousands of dollars a month. I saw the opportunity for them. I saw the opportunity for Klimb Creative.

Marketing Solutions for Lansing Small Businesses


The sole purpose of Klimb Creative, LLC is to help small businesses grow their online presence and build their brand awareness through inbound marketing strategies. The goal is to make the trending marketing and communication methods that seem outlandish, make sense and be tangible.

This also means that I will help small businesses find ways to generate new leads and build brand awareness and create a cohesive brand identity. For many of my clients, I serve as their outsourced, or virtual, marketing coordinator. Each business has different areas they'd like to improve on: customer communications, increasing online presence, establish a social media presence, creating to marketing brochures, developing new content for their website. All of this can be done on a budget and with a plan.

THAT is why Klimb Creative was originated.