Launching Klimb: Part 1

Launching Klimb: Part 1...The Name

As a new entrepreneur, I get asked several questions when meeting new people. These are the same questions I asked myself when contemplating taking the leap and jumping into the world of consulting and entrepreneurship. Over the next couple posts, I’ll let you in on the journey which led me to launch Klimb Creative.

It's time for a change.

It all started several months ago when I took a hard look at my career. I had been with the same company for over six years. In those six years, I experienced the many life cycles, twists and turns a corporation endures. Part of me still loved my job. Part of me was hungry for a change.

In the fall of 2015, I fed that hunger.

Making a life altering career change doesn't come without serious consideration though. Over the last several months I spent countless hours weighing my pros and cons, listing out options, searching job boards and dreaming up new adventures. Owning my own business never really seemed like a valid option, until it was. And let me tell you, I tried talking myself out it!

So after much consideration, I took a leap and I jumped. I turned in my resignation at a place I called my work-home for over six years. It was bittersweet, but the thrill and excitement of the adventure I would embark on trumped any second guessing thoughts.

I leaped. I jumped. So now I had to klimb (yes, I misspelled 'climb' but stay with me). 

What Do I call myself?

With a few potential clients, my iMac and the desire to help small businesses with their marketing efforts, I started Klimb Creative, LLC. I get asked this question time and time again: "How did you pick the name Klimb Creative?"

My answer couldn't be the typical I wanted to be unique, because everyone wants their business name to be unique, even me. But I didn't want to give out some phony answer or a response that you'd hear from a fortune 500 CEO. Truth is, I had no idea what to call my business. I didn't want my business's name to be stuffy and corporate-like. It had to resemble my work. It had fit my tone, my goals and my objectives for my business. It had to be creative.

I jotted down some ideas, brainstormed and messaged one of my all time favorite creative friends. We threw around some ideas and we landed on "Klimb Creative".

I liked it.

So I did the responsible thing and talked with some friends and colleagues. I slept on it for a few nights and within days, I had a business name: Klimb Creative. Klimb also has pieces of my name in it after all; K for “Katie” and "SagLIMBene". I have to say that it was the cherry on top.

Why Start Klimb?

The second most commonly asked question I get is Why. Why start Klimb Creative? Why join the ever growing workforce of entrepreneurs? Wouldn't it be easier to go work for a marketing agency? Well, yes, in reality it would be easier, but I had a different plan. 

I’ll dig deep into those answers in Part Two of Launching Klimb. Stay tuned.